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Sublime Massage

Using a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques, this rhythmic massage works to balance and re-align positive energy flow. Using our AKORAH essential oil blends, this sensory journey will relax even the tiredest muscles and invigorate you from head to toe.      

30 min massage                                                                       $70.00

60 min massage                                                                     $115.00

90 min massage                                                                     $180.00


Purr a kitten with a Sublime Massage and facial.

This is the purrrfect pick me up.

30 min massage & 30 min facial                             60 min - $130.00

60 min massage & 60 min facial                            2 hours - $235.00



Hot Stone Therapy                                               90 min - $180.00

Experience the ancient ritual of heated stone massage. Feel the diffusing warmth relax any tension, as the powerful healing properties of the volcanic stones melt away your stresses, leaving you feeling calm and revitalised.


Kahuna Massage                                                  90 min - $180.00

Aloha! Be swept away to a deserted island. Experience this smooth rhythmic massage originating from Hawaii. This dance like therapy uses sweeping, rolling, and flowing techniques over your entire body to promote an overall sense of relaxation, health and well-being.


Recommended Upgrades:
Scalp Treatment                                                              15 min - $30.00
Using our delicious hair mask, our pressure point massage will dissolve all tension, leaving your scalp and hair nourished and hydrated. 

Foot Massage                                                                   15min - $30.00
Focusing on pressure points on the feet and ankles, this indulgence can be added to any treatment .