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HCG Weightloss


Have you tried and tried to lose weight with no success…have you just resigned yourself to the fact that you will ALWAYS be the weight you are, that nothing will change no matter what you do? Are you constantly tired and hit the wall every day at 3pm?


If this sounds like you then we can help. Reset your metabolism, kick your sugar addiction and lose 10 to 15 kilos in our 6 week HCG program - and keep it off for life.


This highly effective program is run by our visiting GP Dr Agnes Walchowlski. It really works. Akorah owner, Lynda Davis lost 12.5 kgs and our operations manager Cindy lost 15kgs in 6 weeks and they have kept it off – even over Christmas.


Akorah owner, Lynda Davis lost 12.5 kgs in 6 weeks


With a lean, clean calorie controlled diet, prescription supplements and a daily shot of HCG you will feel amazing. You will lose FAT, not fluid or muscle and your metabolism will be ‘reset’ so you won’t put the weight back on when you finish the program.


To find out more or to book your skype consultation with Dr Agnes please call us on 4225 2522.